A Success Story in E-commerce: How Kibo Code Helped Me Build a Profitable Business That Made $21,932 in Sales

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Your background

I lost my job in November of 2020 and for a few months I was stressed out applying to hundreds of positions and getting only a handful of interviews and no final offers. Then in February I saw an email from a favorite podcaster of mine endorsing Kibo Code and decided his word was good enough for me. I took a chance and invested a few thousand dollars in the training and I couldn’t be happier with the results, it started slow but I was able to make back my money in just two months and then started generating a profit.

Things picked up so fast that when I got a job offer I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take it. A steady check is nice, but I didn’t feel like I needed it. Though I did end up taking the position I wonder if I could have been making more money running my ecommerce business full time. I continue to run my business on the side, and I would encourage anyone to get involved in this. You can run it part time or full time, and you get out of it however much you put into it.

Why did you decide to join Kibo Code?

I had lost my job and was looking for a way to make money while seeking employment. It was endorsed by a favorite podcaster of mine and so I decided to take a chance. I was able to make my money back fairly quickly, this course truly does allow for self-employment. There was a wealth of information and I had no idea making money online could be so easy, I just needed someone to show me the ropes and that’s what Kibo Code did for me.

Were there any roadblocks for you? What did you do to overcome them?

My biggest challenge came right at the start when I would list new products without getting any sales. I went about three weeks before my first sale and during that time it was pretty nerve-wracking. Then I made my first sale and gave an epic fist pump, this began a slow trickle of sales where I might get one sale every couple days. Before long I was making sales daily, and then multiple sales daily. It was the easiest money I’ve ever made. The biggest trouble was pushing past the rough start when i didn’t know what my future held.

Your tips for choosing winning products?

I like to compare my product selection strategy to mining. At first I just have to make some blind strikes and list products I have no clue if they’ll do well. Once I start getting sales on an item I’ve discovered a “vein” and then start mining it to the fullest, listing related items at various price points and alternatives. Sometimes the related listings don’t go anywhere, but other times you hit the motherlode!

Your top traffic and advertising tips?

Facebook Marketplace is my primary traffic source. I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts of keeping the AI happy and off my back. I’ve also learned the importance of tweaking the general skeleton of a Marketplace listing to provide assurance to the customer that this is a legit business that won’t take the money and run (for one thing the Marketplace won’t let me!). Clean and courteous is the impression I want every customer to have in their communications over my wares.

Your top 5 recommendations for building your ecommerce business?

Never give up, never surrender! The first part is the hardest part, but slowly that small trickle of sales will turn into a flood.

It’s a number’s game. You don’t know for sure a type of product is a loser until you’ve listed a bunch of different ones. Sometimes an individual product is a dud but another product just like it is a winner!

Don’t be afraid to make a profit! Keeping prices low to attract more sales is all well and good but it can leave you in a lurch if your supplier runs out of stock and other suppliers are charging too high a price. The more you charge the more room you have to remain profitable with multiple suppliers and also the more you make when it’s available at its best price.

Track your sales! This means more than just total costs and expenses, which is a bare minimum. Keep track of how many sales of each item you get in relation to how long you’ve listed it. This will help you sort out which items are your highest priority for Renewing on Facebook Marketplace and what other similar items you can add.

Make progress every day. Sometimes people are busy, but adding one item a day takes almost no time. One product a day is still 30 products a month which sure beats being lazy and adding zero! If you add two a day, which still doesn’t take much time, you double your listings at 60 per month.

Any other tips or nuggets of wisdom?

Warnings against seasonal items are overblown, you just need to figure out what sells in each season and prioritize them. You should be listing items in preparation for the season ahead. Add winter stuff in the fall and spring stuff in the winter. My best sellers have all been seasonal, you just have to change with the times!

A day in the life of a top-selling Kibo Code student

When I ran my Kibo business full-time I was my own boss and set my own schedule. I had time to accomodate any social occasions and fitness regimen. Most days I’d make more money than I could have employed elsewhere. It was so nice that when I did take another job I kept wondering if I’d be better off investing the same amount of time in my business rather than just running it on the side. The great thing about this business is it’s flexible enough to let you run it on the side or make it a full-time gig.

Your best Sales Day, week, month…and how did you achieve these?

On my best day I made $2,065.98, my best week $6,118.99 and best month $22,246.95 in revenue. This was all from putting in a moderate amount of time each day to add new items and then doubling down on categories that sold well. On my best day I was playing cards a a friend’s place watching the orders roll in and spent about two hours fulfilling 22 orders for a profit of $324.26.

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Kibo Code?

Follow the training closely, just about every question I’ve heard people ask has already been answered in the training. The trainers are real professionals who know their business inside and out. The most important thing is to not give up in the beginning. If you’re like me you’ll spend eight hours a day for the first three weeks listing products and not get a single sale, but when the sales start you’ll be consistently making sales each and every day.

Our Objectives – 2022 & Beyond

My goal for 2022 is to hire my first VA. Being unemployed when I first started I was hesitant to spend money hiring someone to do what I had plenty of time to do myself, and figured I’d wait until I was swamped. Now that I’m employed and no longer have the time like I used to I’m realizing that hiring a VA is really an investment that will allow me to make more than I could on my own.

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