From Failed Food Boat Business to Successful E-commerce Entrepreneur: My Kibo Code Journey

After experiencing setbacks in her previous business ventures, a Bloomington native turned to e-commerce and found success through the Kibo Code Quantum course. By following the course’s proven methods for product selection and platform optimization, she built a thriving online business that allows her the freedom to work from anywhere. She shares her tips for overcoming roadblocks, choosing winning products, and building a successful e-commerce business. Her next goals include expanding to other sales platforms and 10x-ing her sales to fund real estate investments.

From Military to E-Commerce: A Kibo Code Student’s Journey by Making $34,318 in Sales

After serving in the military and working various jobs, a married father of two decided to pursue his dream of starting an online sales business. He opened an eBay store in March of 2020 but found the competition too fierce to make significant profits. He then came across the Kibo Code, which provided him with a free store and showed him how to select winning products, set up his store, and drive traffic. Although time management was a roadblock, hiring a VA and following the program exactly as taught helped him succeed. His advice for building an e-commerce business includes figuring out your “why,” following the program, getting a VA, finding your own path to success, and working on one business model until you nail it. His goals for 2022 include hiring another VA, growing his Shopify store, launching products under his own brand name, and eventually quitting his day job to live the life he wants.

Teen Entrepreneur Finds Success with Kibo Code E-Commerce by Making $10,410 in Sales

A 17-year-old entrepreneur shares his journey into e-commerce after leaving school at 16 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. After trying out multiple online business niches, he found success with a Shopify store and later joined Kibo Code after being attracted to the idea of free traffic. Despite facing roadblocks with social media accounts and advertising platforms, he shares tips on finding winning products and driving traffic through various advertising channels. He also emphasizes the importance of a daily routine that includes exercise and setting goals. The teen has achieved a high sales day, week, and month by following the Kibo Code system and plans to continue building his e-commerce business with a goal to net $50,000 or more in 2022 and $250,000 or more in 2025.

How a Former Army Veteran Found Success with Kibo eCommerce By Making $12,063 in Sales

After serving in the military as a helicopter pilot and working for several businesses, a former Army veteran turned to Kibo eCommerce in search of financial stability. Initially struggling with unrealistic expectations and inconsistent product listings, the veteran ultimately found success by dedicating himself to the program and using a VA to list products and manage projects. The key to success, he notes, is keeping on track and not getting bogged down by multiple projects. By using Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shops to promote his products, and expanding to other marketplaces with paid advertising, the veteran plans to continue growing his eCommerce business and explore new locations across the US.

From Job Loss to Successful Ecommerce Business – A Kibo Code Student’s Journey in Making $50k in Sales Over the Last 9 Months

Discover the journey of a former math teacher turned school superintendent who lost his job during the economic collapse of 2009 and pivoted to teaching. He eventually discovered Kibo Code and started his own ecommerce business selling other people’s products. He shares his experiences, challenges, and tips for success, including following the Kibo Code program, taking action, being patient, and building a support system. He also emphasizes the importance of tracking wins, measuring progress, and celebrating successes. The article concludes with his objectives for the future, including continuing to add products, looking for year-round winners, and potentially replacing his job income with his ecommerce business.

A Success Story in E-commerce: How Kibo Code Helped Me Build a Profitable Business That Made $21,932 in Sales

A personal story of someone who lost their job and turned to e-commerce to make money. They decided to join the Kibo Code training program and were able to make back their investment in just two months. The author shares their experience with product selection, traffic and advertising tips, and their top recommendations for building an e-commerce business. They also share their best sales days, weeks, and months and their goals for the future, which includes hiring a VA to help grow their business. The overall message is that anyone can succeed in e-commerce with hard work and dedication.

From 30 Years of Entrepreneurship to Making $11,556 in Sales with Kibo Code: The story of a successful marketing, automation, technical consulting and coaching company, Zacaw Enterprises, Inc.

This testimonial shares the story of a successful marketing, automation, technical consulting and coaching company, Zacaw Enterprises, Inc. and how they decided to join Kibo Code to find a new revenue model for their portfolio. Despite facing many roadblocks, such as struggling to find a winning product and being suspended by advertising platforms, they kept pushing forward and eventually saw great success. The testimonial also includes tips for choosing winning products, managing ads, and building a successful eCommerce business. Overall, the title reflects on their extensive experience in entrepreneurship and how Kibo Code played a role in their continued success.

How a Former Navy Veteran Turned E-commerce Entrepreneur Made $55,544 in Sales: Insights on Overcoming Roadblocks, Choosing Winning Products, and Building an Online Business

How a Kibo Code student with a background in the Navy and real estate shares his experience with the program. He discusses the roadblocks he faced, his tips for choosing winning products, and his top traffic and advertising tips. His top five recommendations for building an e-commerce business include finding good products, focusing on cash flow, committing to the grind, being accountable to goals, and hiring out time-consuming actions. He emphasizes the importance of having a plan, setting goals and metrics, and reinvesting income into the company. He also shares his best sales day, week, and month and advises anyone interested in Kibo Code to commit to the business and aim for a return on investment. Finally, he shares his objectives for the future, including specific goals for passive income and sales.

From IT to Kibo Code: A Journey to Online Success

This individual has a background in IT and a passion for wealth creation. After trying property investing and network marketing, they discovered the Kibo Code, which they joined in early 2021. Despite facing time management challenges, they diligently followed the course and prioritized their future success. Their top tips for success include focusing on products that are selling well, tweaking advertising strategies as needed, and having the right mindset. With a goal to achieve 5-figure profit months and expand into niche markets, this Kibo student is committed to putting in the work to achieve their dreams.

Kibo Code Review: Tips for Success in E-Commerce

In this review, Mark shares his experience with Steve and Aidan’s Kibo Code course, highlighting the quality of the training and the expertise of the teachers. The author also provides tips for success in e-commerce, such as the importance of mindset, consistency, and following the training exactly. The author recommends using Zik Analytics for product selection and the machine gun approach for paid traffic. Additionally, the author emphasizes the importance of celebrating small wins, having a supportive mastermind group, and being patient when building an e-commerce business. Finally, the author shares their daily routine as a top-selling Kibo Code student and advises potential students to talk to others about Steve and Aidan’s reputation before joining the course.