From Military to E-Commerce: A Kibo Code Student’s Journey by Making $34,318 in Sales

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Your background

I started off in the military for 6 years and then a truck truck for 5 years and finally an office job for the last 8 years. I am married with two sons. I got to the point where I was comfortable with my job, but I wasn’t happy with my lifestyle and what I could do when I wasn’t working. I have always wanted to get into online sales and have even dipped my toes in a couple of times but always got overwhelmed and quit. In March of 2020 I fully committed and opened an eBay store. I worked very hard on it and slowly grew it, but the competition is so fierce that I knew I was never going to make the kind of profit to support the life I wanted. In January I came to a crossroads where I grew my eBay store to a certain point and it didn’t look like I was going to be able to grow it anymore. I started looking for tips and secrets for getting more sales on eBay when I received an email promoting the Kibo Code.

Why did you decide to join Kibo Code?

I started reading all of the information I could find about the Kibo Code and how it could help me grow my business. The Kibo code gives you everything you need from the store setup, traffic, and how to select winning products. They give you a free store and show you how to set it up. They give you starting products and then show you how to find more profitable products. They take the time to explain everything and will answer everyone’s questions to the best of their ability. They also have a great support staff that does everything they can to help you succeed.

Were there any roadblocks for you? What did you do to overcome these?

My first roadblock was finding the time to commit to the program while also working full time and spending time with my family. Taking the time to figure out what activities was moving the needle vs just spinning the tires in place really helped me. I also hired a VA and that skyrocketed my business. This changed me from working in my business to working on my business and freed me up to look at the big picture and how to grow my business. 

You also must follow the program just like its taught. The only time I didn’t see results was when I tried to force the program into what I was doing. My biggest success came when I did the program exactly how its taught and then added on top of that.

Your tips for choosing winning products?

Use the criteria given in the program. They show exactly what to look for and how to find great products on eBay. Once you get comfortable find products don’t be afraid to look at different suppliers. It’s all a number game. The more products you find the higher the chances of finding winning products.

Your top traffic and advertising tips?

Microsoft and google are great sources of traffic and if you follow the kibo teaching you will know if a product will sell before you spend too much money. FBMP is a great source of FREE traffic and if you find a winning product you can scale it up with paid ads. Pinterest, facebook groups, and Instagram are other great sources of traffic that is free.

Your top 5 recommendations for building your ecommerce business?

First off you must figure out why you are doing this. Obviously, everyone is trying to make money but what other reasons are leading you. I wanted more time to be with my family and to have more time to enjoy activities I love to do. Some people may want to build a brand. Whatever it is the money will follow. 

Second, follow the course how it is written. I seen too many people give up when it doesn’t work out right away. You fail 100% of the time you don’t try. 

Thirdly I have said follow the program exactly how it is taught but then look at how you can do it slightly different and find your own path to success. If everyone does the same thing than no one will stand out.

Fourthly Get a VA as soon as you can. It may seem like an expense you can’t really afford but the value they add will pay for it self right away. Not only is your time worth more than what you pay the VA, it frees you up to grow the business instead of working in it. 

Lastly, the long-term goal is to have multiple steams of income but you can’t start that way from the beginning. Work on one business model until you nail it and then move on to the next one.

A day in the life of a top-selling Kibo Code student

I get up in the morning and have breakfast. I check in with my VAs to see how are sells are doing and if there are any issues I need to worry about. I hit the gym and then get ready for work. After work I check out what products are selling and have more of those added.

Your best Sales Day, week, month…and how did you achieve these?

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What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code will give you everything you need to succeed but it can’t do everything for you. You still need to put in the hard work of implementing the plan and setting up everything but there is a great support staff to help you step by step.

Your Objectives – 2022 & Beyond

-Hire another VA

-Grow my shopify store and run even more paid ads. 

-Connect my shopify store to Microsoft and google shopping. 

-build enough sustainable growth to quit my day job and live the life I want to live.

-Launch products under my own brand name. 

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From Military to E-Commerce: A Kibo Code Student’s Journey by Making $34,318 in Sales

After serving in the military and working various jobs, a married father of two decided to pursue his dream of starting an online sales business. He opened an eBay store in March of 2020 but found the competition too fierce to make significant profits. He then came across the Kibo Code, which provided him with a free store and showed him how to select winning products, set up his store, and drive traffic. Although time management was a roadblock, hiring a VA and following the program exactly as taught helped him succeed. His advice for building an e-commerce business includes figuring out your “why,” following the program, getting a VA, finding your own path to success, and working on one business model until you nail it. His goals for 2022 include hiring another VA, growing his Shopify store, launching products under his own brand name, and eventually quitting his day job to live the life he wants.