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About Your Workshop Host

Hi my names Aidan Booth

I grew up on a farm in New Zealand (for my fellow Kiwi’s, I lived about 20 minutes out of Masterton).

I got started online almost by mistake… My wife (Carolina) is from Argentina. I met her in 2003 in Lake Tahoe (stunning place) and shifted to Argentina shortly afterwards.

With my wife and our two kids!

When I landed in Buenos Aires, I couldn’t speak Spanish, and was on a tourist visa… no sane company was going to give me a job!

As such, I looked to the web for “online work”… and as you can probably imagine, that led me down a deep rabbit hole, opening my eyes (and my imagination) to a world of opportunities…

After much trial and error, I feel blessed to have created multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses. I also love to share my best tips and business practices (and mistakes to avoid) with literally fellow online freedom seekers!

I hope you enjoy my Web-Class and that you can meet in person one day.

Free Demo-Class Today Shows You How to Get Started in the next 24 hours